Market 2017

Fresh Food, Produce, Crafts & Gifts
Over 60 stalls featuring local produce, quality crafts and unique gifts.

The 2016 Applefest Market, we focussed even more tightly on fresh food and local produce. There were stone fruits, fresh berries, gourmet ice-cream and boutique tea products, as well as an assortment of local craft ciders.

The market runs adjacent to the meandering contours and shady trees of Barker’s Creek.

As market co-ordinator Donna McMahon explained in 2016, ‘Applefest started as a celebration of the apple harvest. After 25 years we’ve come full circle with an increased focus on our great local food and produce. The response has been overwhelming.’

‘We now have a separate Festival Market Place and an Entertainment Precinct in Stanley Park. It’s got tables and chairs and over a dozen food trucks and beverage providers. It’s a place to kick back and enjoy live entertainment and tasty treats.’