Hot Wings

For a spicy end to Applefest 2019, expect Hot Wings to make things a little picante.

Lizzie Sedman’s guitar will shred right through the afternoon session, backed-up by Rob McPherson (guitar) and driven to extremes by Julia Watt (drums) and Scott Cherry (bass).

Is it swing? Is it rockabilly? Is it guitar boogie? Whatever bucket you put them in, you’ll taste the Tabasco with each guitar lick.

Are they from Melbourne, or some surf beach on the Northern shores of Mexico where the air is filled with the aroma of blue agave and each crashing wave is infused with lime and Poblano peppers? You be the judge.

For an early taste, check out this pumping track…

Feel them turn up the heat on-stage at Harcourt Applefest 2019: 3:30pm – 4:15pm, Saturday 9 March. You can warm yourself up with a look at the band’s own website,