How will your wares fare with the ladies from Harcourt CWA?

Test your baking and chutney making alongside the region’s best. Applefest has an excellent cookery competition: Apple Pie gets the headlines, but there are also categories for best Apple Cake, Apple Muffins and Apple Chutney too.

There is no entry fee, but unlimited glory to be won by both adult and junior bakers.


Fill out the form and abide by the conditions of entry. Bring the completed form on the day, along with your baked goods. Hand it all over for judging at The Fruit Growers Tent by 10:30am, Saturday 7 March 2020.

For more info, call Lyn Rule of the Harcourt CWA on 0418 994 067.

Apple Pie Criteria

There are six basic criteria for apple pies to keep it delectably real:

  1. Apple pie must be baked in 20cm pie dish.
  2. Pies must have a bottom and a top crust.
  3. The pie top needs to be complete—that means no lattice.
  4. Use apples! Do not add other fruit to the apple.
  5. Pastry of own choice, but commercial mix and bought pastry are forbidden.
  6. Present it on the dish on which it was baked.

Criteria for Apple Muffins & Cakes

The rules for muffins also emphasise yummy authenticity:

  1. Must be made from scratch. No packet mixes.
  2. Judged on evenness of baking, moisture, texture and appearance.
  3. Four muffins must be provided for judging.

Criteria for Apple Chutney

The rules for chutney are as follows:

  1. Own choice of spices.
  2. Jars 250-350g, no bigger.
  3. Clean and polished glass jars for presentation (Windex helps).
  4. Label and date.


Winners are announced at 1:00pm. Often times, award winners sell their wares at one of the Applefest market stalls. That way, everyone can get a piece of the best pie in town!